SMDA gets Disability Insurer to pay Physician’s disability claim

SMDA was hired by a physician to try and convince a disability insurance company to overturn its decision to terminate their claim for disability benefits.

The client had been working as an Emergency Department physician at a rural hospital when they developed a very unusual neurological condition that resulted in significant functional limitations.  The disability insurer originally approved and paid the claim for a period of time.  However, it terminated the claim when the “own occupation” period expired, even while the client continued  to experience significant functional problems that interfered with the performance of even routine activities of daily living.

SMDA filed a comprehensive administrative  appeal providing  substantial documentation regarding the rare diagnosis convincing the disability insurer to reinstate the claim and pay the client  additional benefits.  If you are a medical professional who has had your claim for disability insurance benefits denied, please contact the experts at Serafini, Michalowski, Derkacz & Associates to help get the disability insurance benefits you deserve.