SMDA helps Disabled Dentist recover on IDI Policy

SMDA was recently able to help a disabled dentist recover on his individual disability insurance policy after his claim for total disability benefits was denied.  The LTD insurer had denied his claim when it discovered that he had opened a small tap room/eatery.  SMDA was able to convince the disability carrier that the client’s physical issues precluded him from safely working as a dentist but would allow him to manage this new business venture.  Since he had (wisely) purchased a true “own occupation” policy  we convinced the carrier that he was entitled to total disability benefits even though he was able to work in a different occupation.  The parties resolved their differences in a mutually satisfactory manner.

If your disability carrier has denied your claim  after you  have been forced to change occupations as a result of  your medical condition, please give SMDA a call to discuss your situation.