More Supreme Court-Candidate Falesly claims WSJ Ranking

Justice Taylor Falsely Claims Wall Street Journal Backing
In what turns out to be a desperate campaign strategy, Justice Taylor has been claiming that the Wall Street Journal said the Michigan Supreme Court under his leadership is the best in the nation.

Guess what-this claim is totally false!!!

If you expected better from a sitting Michigan Supreme Court Justice, you would be disappointed. You see, it turns out that the reference to the Michigan Supreme Court was not contained in a Journal editorial. It was not the conclusion of a survey or comparative study of the various state Courts in the US.

Instead, it seems that in October, 2005, Mr. Patrick Wright, who worked for Justice Taylor, wrote an opinion piece in which he voiced his opinion that the Michigan Supreme Court “may be the finest court in the nation.” The quote, attributed to the Journal “best in the nation”, never appears, not even in Mr. Wright’s viewpoint piece. The opinion expressed in the piece is Mr. Wright’s, not the opinion or finding of the Wall Street Journal ownership, staff, or editorial board.

The plain meaning of the words used in Mr. Taylor’s bio, on the other hand, is that the Wall Street Journal, as a paper, has made a determination that the Michigan Supreme Court is the best in the US. This is patently false. Not only were these words never used, though the Taylor site portrays them as a direct quote, they are obviously only the opinion of the opinion piece’s author, a former member of Mr. Taylor’ legal staff.

If you think this kind of misrepresentation is wrong, vote to restore fairness by voting for Judge Hathaway for the Michigan Supreme Court on the nonpartisan section of the ballot this November. Remember, you have not cast a vote for the supreme court until you check the box next to Judge Hathaway’s name.