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Patrick Derkacz, an attorney and partner with the firm attended the 11th National Advanced Forum on Litigating Disability Insurance Claims which was held in Boston. The conference provided an opportunity to hear from industry insiders on the latest trends involving Long Term Disability Insurance Claims.

The three day conference included presentations from various respected advocates on a range of topics including developing discovery strategies to expand the record and an in-depth discussion about the pending Supreme Court opinion in Metlife v Glenn.

Counsel were able to share various litigation tips and strategies that have proven effective in an effort to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome and increase the amount of each recovery.

In a recent study by the University of Chicago School of Law, the Michigan Supreme Court was ranked dead last in Independence. The academic study determined that the justices on this court (including Taylor, Markman, Young and Corrigan) demonstrated the least ability of the hundreds of state supreme court judges to withstand partisan pressures.

The results of this study come as no surprise to attorneys actively practicing in Michigan. These justices have consistently ruled in favor of the insurance companies, the chamber of commerce and the corporations who fund their reelection campaigns. This Court has overturned more cases faster than any other court in memory.