Alltstate hit with Bad Faith Verdict-$16,000,000+

Another bad faith verdict against Allstate is upheld by the Missouri Court of Appeals reported the Kansas City Star. This time it looks like it is going to cost Allstate a cool sixteen million dollars. Apparently, Allstate failed to respond to a demand in a case where its insured caused a head on collision leaving the two claimants in the hospital for 35 and 40 days respectively.

According to the article Allstate first tried to argue that it never received the demand. When that didn’t work Allstate tried to argue that it wasn’t sure that the crash had actually casued the injuries. Neither the jury nor the Court of Appeals was buying that story. I am not sure, but maybe because the claimants had to be cut out of the wreckage and were flown by helicopter to the hospital and received intensive care.

It certainly makes this writer wonder just how much money Allstate has that it can get hit in the pocketbook like this and keep doing what it is doing. Maybe Allstate is spending all its money on those commercials with that distinguished looking actor trying to convince everyone that “you are in good hands” instead of settling meritorious cases?